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Please complete the Application Form below and upload your photo ID. One of our team will be in touch in due course.

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    Student Application Criteria (Where Applicable)


    I (the Tenant) confirm that the all personal data provided to or collected by Frampton & Roebuck has been done so voluntarily or legitimately. Frampton & Roebuck have demonstrated their legal obligation or legitimate interest to collect and retain my personal data. Declaration as follows (please tick to accept):

    (if any of the above boxes remain unticked, it may prevent us from being able to offer you a tenancy)

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    When a Holding Deposit is paid, it is done so as a token of good faith only and does not constitute the grant of a Tenancy or oblige the Landlord to let the property to you but is required as proof of your intention and commitment to proceed. It’s purpose is to be held by Frampton & Roebuck whilst the application or any references are processed.

    A Holding Deposit is capped at 1 weeks rent and is refundable under the following circumstances:


    • If the offer is not accepted by the Landlord, or the Landlord withdraws the Property.
    • If multiple Applications are received and the Landlord proceeds with another Applicant.
    • The Landlord does not agree to the ‘Special Conditions’ below.


    • If within 48 hours the Applicant withdraws their offer, a fee of up to £100 will be deducted.
    • If after 48 hours the Applicant withdraws their offer, or the Landlord decides not to proceed with the Application due to the actions or lack of contact from the applicant, a fee of up to the full amount will be deducted to cover the cost of referencing and internal administration.
    • The Landlord reserves the right to withhold up to the full amount paid in situations where the Applicant provides false or misleading referencing information, including:
      • Any undisclosed adverse credit history including: County Court Judgments (CCJs)/Court Decrees (CDs) (Scotland), Individual Voluntary Arrangements or Bankruptcies.
      • An adverse reference from your previous landlord, managing agent or employer.


    • I confirm that I have viewed the property and accept it in its current condition, or someone has viewed the property on my behalf.
    • Alternatively, I confirm that I accept the property (and my individual room, where applicable) despite having not visited or viewed the accommodation prior to the start of the tenancy.
    • I confirm that I have researched the location of the property and am happy with the distance and accessibility to necessary amenities.
    • I confirm that I have the eligibility to live in the United Kingdom for the duration of the tenancy and can provide documentary proof of this.
    • (Where applicable) I confirm that I am a student of Durham University and have a valid Student ID/Campus Card.
    • Upon submission and acceptance of this application, I am aware that I will be expected to provide copies of documentation necessary to verify my identity.
    • I am aware that any in order to proceed with a tenancy application, a refundable Holding Deposit may be payable - capped at no more than one week’s rent.
    • I am aware that a refundable Tenancy Deposit may be payable - capped at no more than five week’s rent. For student tenancies, Tenancy Deposits are capped at £400 per student tenant.
    • I confirm that if this application is not complete, and tenancy executed within 15 days of this application, I grant any necessary extension in order to facilitate it’s completion.